Pedro Kehl - Webdesigner

I believe the web should be:


Performant &


My mission is to create smooth web experiences, delivering the best that technology can offer and choosing the best tech stack for each individual project.

About me

I like to solve problems and think about the future

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I graduated in digital design, working for over 20 years as a freelancer in design, development, and brand identity.

I like to have a systemic approach to problem solving, and I’m always studying what is new in the field of technology.

Main expertise:

Design of interfaces using the best practices of UI/UX and applying the concept of design tokens for scalable development in different platforms/products.

Creation of custom websites using WordPress as a backend for fast and efficient results.

Currently studying:

  1. Design tokens to create coherent visual communication between teams and products (Style Dictionary, Figma Tokens)
  2. Decoupling front and backend, using headless CMS’s (Strapi, Payload CMS, Netlify CMS and other headless CMS’s)
  3. Blazing fast frontends (Svelte, Astro)


Some examples of projects executed on different platforms with different teams


Thoughts on design, web, and other interests


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